Learn to teach NIA

Nia teacher training is fashioned after the martial arts system: four belt levels over a minimum of four years.

In the first level, White Belt, learning is all about the Nia basics – the 52 Nia Moves, the 5 Sensations of Fitness, the 7 Cycles of a Nia Workout, Music, Movement & Magic, and much more. This creates a foundation for more advanced study of mind-body-spirit work.
The second level, Blue Belt, addresses all aspects related to teaching fitness the Body’s Way, by emphasizing communication and attention to detail as means to creating and maintaining relationships.

At the third and fourth levels, Brown & Black Belts, the focus goes beyond the physical, both in your Nia classes and in your life, working energetically with the body, mind, emotions and spirit, using personal creativity and living Life as Art to create on-going life-style transformation and healing.

All Nia intensive training begins with a three month, pre-training program that includes the Nia at-home study course with video tapes and reading material. A 40+ hour, 6-day training program completes each level of every Nia intensive training and is offered at various sites around the world.

Upon completion of the Nia intensive training, and in order to teach Nia as a certified teacher, a Nia certification fee is paid annually which includes:
. Eight hours of video-taped educational and class/workshop material
. Permission to use the Nia name and logo
. Use of the Nia 800 phone number and Nia website www.nia-nia.com
. Written material for re-print
. The Nia Newsletter
. Option to purchase the Nia Business and Marketing Manual, complete with art, educational, technical and professional support.
. Professional, personal, public relations and office support, including class, workshop, presentation and speaker referrals.