NIAC – The Nia Instructors’ Association of Canada

The first Nia classes were introduced to the Greater Toronto Area in 1994. See our Teachers page to learn more about this dynamic and creative group of people. The list of teachers is steadily growing as more people are becoming certified. To find Nia classes near you, see our Find A Class page.

Mission Statement


The purpose of this group of certified Nia teachers from Canada is to unite as teachers in an atmosphere of trust and co-operation in order to realize our own personal development, and to effectively facilitate personal growth and development in our students, fostering the Nia philosophy and promoting accessibility for all.

What is NIA?

The Nia Technique is a dynamic cardiovascular workout that will help you gain greater strength, stability, flexibility, agility and mobility. Combining simple, body-loving choreography with a wide range of rhythmic music styles, Nia is a powerful and exhilarating, yet soothing and relaxing fitness class.

There are Nia classes in health clubs and gyms, community centers, church halls, yoga centers and dance studios; but wherever you attend class, you’ll discover a playful, invigorating, joyful fitness experience. Click HERE to read what participants say!

Nia is the only aerobic fitness technique to blend movements and energies from the Martial Arts, the Dance Arts and the Healing Arts, creating a synergy no isolated technique can match.

The Nia Technique is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who want to get fit, eliminate emotional stress, and unleash their inner optimist. Currently, Nia has over 1000 certified teachers and 22 teacher trainers in over 20 countries around the world. You’ll find Nia classes across Canada, including 45 in British Columbia and 70 in Ontario.

The Nia Instructors’ Association of Canada invites you to join us and discover the power and joy of this creative, savvy, energizing fitness class.

Who Teaches NIA?

People from all backgrounds who are passionate about the benefits of Nia. Nia teachers undergo an intensive certification process led by professional Nia trainers, including instruction in anatomy, music theory […]

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Why Should I Choose NIA?

Nia is FUN! Words may not thoroughly describe the unique Nia fitness experience – we say “Nia is like chocolate. It’s difficult to describe, you have to taste it!” A […]

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How is NIA different from other exercise?

Experience fitness The Body’s Way – a new way of being and living in your body! Nia presents an entirely new philosophy of exercise: whole-body, expressive movement, rather than repetitive […]

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